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Glass Candle Votive
Offered Glass Candle Votive as the superior holders assist in increasing the burning time of the votive candles. These come ethnicity as well as modernity in their looks and make the evening and nights more beautiful.
Glass Bottle and Decanter
Glass Bottles and Decanters are the vessels, which have been employed to hold the decantation of a fluid contained with sediment. These come with the purpose of aerating and allow the container to "breathe".
Glass Tableware
We deal in optimum quality Glass Tableware, which is perfectly non-porous and hence 100% hygienic and risk-free. It comes with beauteous looks than may bring commendations from the guests.
Glass Handicrafts
Glass Handicrafts are extremely important as these symbolize our culture as well as tradition. Also, these boost the heritage of a country by making the utilization of indigenous materials.
Christmas Decorative items
Provided Christmas Decorative items are specially made for the Christmas decorations and insure lighting and amusement all around. These come enhanced contemporary look and symbolize the Christianity in all aspects.
Glass Lamps
Celebrated to boost the beauty of the place where these are used, the offered Glass Lamps are illustrious to be amongst the finest available in the marketplace. Also, these match your style as well as budget.
Candle Holder and Lantern
Candle Holder and Lantern can illuminate the home with ornamental votives & beauteous candle holders available. These insure good lighting time with their form holding capacity and durability.
Crystal Chandelier
Crystal Chandeliers come with with pure light and elegant traditional form. This design is viable with glittery clear crystal. These come with a gleaming chrome finish as well as fantastic prismatic light effects.
Flower Vase
Offered Flower Vase comes with space-saving and elegant designs. Also, these insure durability and creativity in their designs. The vase comes with structural and firm standing.